Nature has always inspired me with its richness, variety of forms and colors, the elusive beauty of phenomena and moods. In searching for the appropriate means of expression, sometimes I stress the form contained in the subtle drawing of nature, sometimes the color, mono- or polychrome combinations as mood carriers are more important. The topics that I take up are impressively or synthetically captured, in single images or cycles, they convey the image of the world to the viewer, seen through my eyes and experienced with the sensitivity that is right for me. Therefore, regardless of the formal means chosen, the idea of my description of reality remains unchanged in them.

                                                                                     Małgorzata Domańska

  • Landscape

    Fragments of the landscape, works from the series 'Stories about the Meadow', 'Gardens', open-air works

  • Winter

    Fragments of a winter landscape, plants under the snow, paintings from the series 'In Winter Light'

  • Architecture

    Fragments of streets, backstreets, courtyards, architecture in a landscape.

  • Light and shadow

    Shadows on the walls of buildings, on the sand, on plants

  • Form and colour

    Stained-glass paintings

  • Arrangements

    Plant and flower arrangements